Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend We Move Forward?

There are many reasons why women attend and keep returning to We Move Forward.  Here’s some of the reasons that have been shared with us:

  • Being inspired by speakers’ stories and messages, and then getting to hang-out with them throughout the event!
  • Moving beyond getting inspired and actually harnessing the inspiration into ways to move forward in our own lives.
  • Forming community and becoming good friends with interesting women from different places, and keeping up with those friendships afterwards.
  • The sharing of stories in small groups, and the workshop sessions bring clarity to our desired future.
  • Celebrating the here and now in the most magical of places, Isla Mujeres – we were constantly surrounded by a gentle tropical breeze and the turquoise Caribbean sea.
  • WMF is a body, mind and soulful vacation – there are great movement sessions to choose from, there are insightful and informative talks, and there are cool activities and many Aw-Yes Moments – you come away from WMF feeling both rested and invigorated!
  • WMF spurs women on – for some it’s a small-step and for others it’s a broad stride forward.  For others, it might just be a new and novel way to take a meaningful break.
  • Everyone immediately belongs.

What’s included in the price of the WMF registration?

  • A warm welcome & cool drink at the pre-registration & mingle on Thursday, March 3
  • A visit to Isla’s Artist Fair in the Town Square after the meet and mingle
  • Three tasty seaside breakfasts at the conference venue – The Mia Reef Hotel
  • Daily keynote & featured speakers with stories and messages that inspire
  • Daily interactive discussions and activities guided by skilled facilitators
  • Daily mindful movement options with options that provide a fit for every woman
  • Free Quickie Massages performed by a massage therapist
  • Choices of afternoon workshops on Days 2 & 3
  • Day 1 Happy Hour & Connection Session where you can display and share your work, passion, or cause, or simply sip and mingle by the Caribbean Sea
  • Day 2 Afternoon Beach Fun
  • Day 2 Buffet Dinner & Drinks Under the Stars, alongside the turquoise Caribbean Sea
  • Day 3 Happy Hour & Sunset Closing Circle Ceremony and Full Banquet & Bar-b-q
  • New friends, renewed dreams, much laughter, & Aw-Yes Moments & Memories!

Check out the WMF 2016 Program page for details!

Note: The We Move Forward 2016 conference and retreat program, speakers & facilitators are subject to change.

Note – Airfare and accommodation are separate.  Visit the WMF location and travel page for details.

Is Isla Mujeres safe?

Tourists visiting Isla and the large ex-pat community living on the island, report feeling very safe.  Isla Mujeres, located in the far south of Mexico is geographically far removed from the Mexico-USA border towns where crime is a concern.  The island has a large Navy base on it, and has state, municipal and tourist police.  The island is very walkable, well lit and English is spoken by many locals.  Like any tourist destination, visitors are wise to secure their hotel rooms and store their money safely on their person.

How do I get to Isla Mujeres?

Getting to Isla Mujeres is quite easy, as it is located directly across from the city of Cancun, which has one of the busiest airports in Mexico – many flights arrive daily, providing travellers with many options to choose from.  We Move Forward has information on flights, a shuttle service and the ferry on its Travel page.  WMF Founder, Janeen Halliwell’s mom, Mary, who is in her 70s travels to and from Isla via Canada regularly on her own with no problema (pssssst – don’t tell Mary we told you she’s in her 70s).  Visit the WMF Travel page for details.

I’m traveling alone and would like to share accommodation – is this possible?

Let us know and we’ll let other solo travellers know and connect you accordingly.  Some new friendships have formed this way in the past.  Just know that quite a few women come alone, and within minutes of arriving are in the company of new friends.  WMF is a welcoming and friendly community.

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