It’s an IN-CREDIBLE WMF WIN Wednesday!

The-Incredibility-FactorHere’s your chance to WIN a signed & personalized copy of the book, ‘The IN-CREDIBILITY FACTOR: 30 Stories & Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know,’ by Broadcaster, Journalist & Author, Teresa Kruze!

Teresa was among the first female sports-casters in the 1980’s. She has worked with TSN, CP24, City-TV, and Chatelaine Magazine. Recently, she published “The In-Credibility Factor,” and it soon became an Amazon best-seller, as the book not only tells riveting success stories, it shares tools and strategies you can use to steer your life and business in one direction – forward.

TeresaKruzeWMF is thrilled to share that Teresa will be attending WMF 2016 where she will give a teaser of a talk she will give at the next WMF on Success Tips for Moving Forward! She will also gift one of her books to a lucky conference participant.

But don’t wait until March 2016 – enter your name today and you could be the lucky winner of a signed copy of ‘The Incredibility Factor: 30 Stories & Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know.’

Enter your name & email address now or no later than today, Wednesday, January 20, 2016 by 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time, and your name will be entered into the draw!


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