The Making it all Happen Team

Janeen Halliwell – Janeen is the Founder of We Move Forward, and she feels an immense amount of gratitude for every person who together forms Team We Move Forward.  “Team WMF is proof that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’  Each member brings special skills and energy to the team, and when combined, well the magic happens.”

Janna Zinzi – Janna is a social media and communications consultant who brings WMF to life on-line.  Front and center, she’ll be busy again in 2016 with live posting, and providing a hand wherever needed, “because that’s what Janna is all about – getting stuff done and having a great time while doing it, says Janeen.

Mary MacSporran – Mary, Janeen’s mom, helps with a lot of this and that leading up to WMF.  She also works alongside her good friend, Jan Harrod, helping out with organizing ground transportation and running the information table during the conference.  “My mom is at the core of why WMF exists and moves forward,” says Janeen.

Jan Harrod – Jan raises her hand to help out in any way she can.  In 2016, she will be hosting the registration desk.  Jan brings a bright energy to the team, and as Janeen likes to say, “Jan inspires by just being Jan.

Bridget Long – A strong supporter of WMF, Bridget joined the team in 2015.  In 2016, she and Jan will manage the registration table and welcome all participants.  She and her husband own and operate Isla’s Casa Encanta, an amazing addition to Isla’s splendor.

Tiffany Lanier – Tiffany is involved in planning and managing the set-up, logistics and details at WMF venues. Her expertise in this area ensures a smooth and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Tiffany is the owner and operator of Sunhorse Weddings, a successful business that’s been operating on Isla Mujeres for 10+ years –

Penny Burnham  – Penny is our ‘hands on deck’ for program coordination and participant support to ensure all flows seamlessly with simplicity and grace. Living here on the island, Penny is a talented writer and the author of Jaded Diamond: A journey out of the darkness and into the light,

Christy Dix – Christy, a native Southern Californian and now Islena, will again provide English translation during the Mayan blessing.  Christy is a well-loved and respected teacher of Spanish to students of all ages and levels living on, or visiting, Isla Mujeres.

Julie Fraga – Julie creates the WMF website and all promotional materials and she is the photographer throughout the event. Julie developed the first webpage for Isla Mujeres in 1998 and the first mobile app  She and her husband, Marco, are the proprietors of one of Isla’s celebrated restaurants, La Cazuela M & J’s.  “Julie helps make it all happen – and with ease. I am truly blessed to have a colleague and friend in Julie,” says Janeen. Check out Julie’s work here:

Chris Lane – Chris provides on-site tech support, and will be video-taping the featured talks throughout the 3-days.  Chris is a jack of all trades & great fun to have on the team. He developed and operates one of Isla’s premier websites: and is a real estate agent with

Jeff Current – Jeff is WMF’s sound man. As Janeen likes to say, “Jeff puts the polish on the conference by playing the right tunes at the right time, and getting the audio just right. WMF is fortunate to have his humour and talent.” He and his wife, Alison, are the Founders of Isla Animals, a well-established and successful animal rescue on Isla.  Jeff’s WMF fee goes to

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